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What would it take for a therapist to go from barely scraping by in a financially struggling practice, a marriage that is suffering as a result and feeling on the brink of failure to earning 10k/month and becoming the primary breadwinner, with a thriving marriage and more than enough resources to give back in less than a year?

In this episode of the Money Sessions, we’re going to talk to a therapist – Tessa – who did just that. After 18 years of treating her practice as a side project, Tessa realized she was ready to take her business seriously and the results have been astounding.

Not only is she celebrating her first 10k month, Tessa has taken on two new therapists and starting a group practice after finally learning how her money mindset was holding her back. She’s hired a manager and an intake worker,  house cleaners and now has time to volunteer to help foster animals and can pay for more clinical consultation in order to continue to up her practice game. Tessa’s also going to talk about how getting serious about her professional life had a huge impact on her practice and her marriage.

In this episode, “Tessa” will share:

Three signs that let her know she had to make a drastic change

How she took her own financial wellbeing for granted because her husband’s job paid the bills – until it didn’t!

How her worry about being “not very nice” led her to undercharge and overwork

How she went from charging $100/session to $185 (In Canadian dollars, meaning over $200 in US currency)

3 Actionable strategies or mindset shifts to help her raise her fees – while also being socially conscious

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Resources she used:

Lean In. Make Bank.

1-2-3 Full Fee: Simple Practice

More about “Tessa”:

Tessa is an online psychoanalytically inspired psychotherapist and a skilled guide through the often challenging terrain of mind and emotions. As a young person she struggled deeply to navigate her own painful experiences which spurred a life long passion to understand her inner world.  She now brings her unique understandings, training and experience to help people to understand and develop a relationship with their own mind so they can cultivate a satisfying life.