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In this episode, we’re speaking with Uriah Guilford, a therapist who built a very successful group practice, his own private practice, and also went on to create a successful virtual assistant business called ProductiveTherapist.com that generates income even when he’s not working.  

Uriah is now in a place where if he wants to create change, he has the time, the freedom, the financial ability, and the emotional and physical energy to actually go out and create a difference.

Uriah holds a special place in my heart from the time we met eons ago where we were both presenting at a Simple Practice conference in Santa Monica, California. The next time we met, I boldly demanded that he raise his fees to $200/session. HA! Be warned, if you ever hang out with me, I will interrogate you mightily.

I’m pleased to say, Uriah and I became fast-virtual buddies and he has inspired me so much by his willingness to constantly grow, learn and uplevel his emotional AND financial wealth.

In this episode we are going to hear about his private and group practice journey, along with how he created a company that generates passive income. 

In this episode, Uriah will share:

How he went from starting a private practice without a business plan to deciding to charge premium fees (over time moving from $75 per session up to $200 per session);

How he created a successful group practice with 10 clinicians working within the business;

What led him to create TheProductiveTherapist, a virtual assistant company that serves other therapy practices;

The complex and nuanced feelings that come with being a “trailer park kid” to being financially free and mingling with people who have REAL wealth.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.


The Productive Therapist

More about Uriah: 

Uriah Guilford, LMFT is the owner of Guilford Family Counseling and the mastermind behind The Productive Therapist, a business that provides amazing virtual assistants to therapy practice owners. He is a technology enthusiast, productivity nerd and a pretty rad drummer. Uriah is always searching for creative ways to provide counseling to youth and families as well as help therapists to get more done, while working less.

Uriah Guilford is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a group practice owner and the creator of The Productive Therapist, a virtual assistant company that serves private practice therapists. He is a technology nerd, a minimalist travel packer, a rock drummer and business development enthusiast.