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In this episode, we’re speaking with therapist Annie Schuessler who just ended her 20-year private practice in order to move forward with her “side hustle” that has become so much more. 

She is now a business coach for therapists and healers who want to create something beyond 1-1 private practice, be that courses, programs, workshops, or retreats.

In this episode, you are going to hear about Annie’s private practice journey, along with how she moved into creating a business on the side, and then how and why she made the decision to transition out of private practice entirely.

In this episode, Annie will share:

How she began to dread her private practice work and feel that it wasn’t the right fit for her;

What had to be addressed in her money mindset in order to start thinking bigger about what it meant to give back;

How she went from a small business on the side to a full time program creator;

How she upped her quality of life and what it’s like for her to help other therapists grow their own practices beyond the 1-1 model.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Wellness Fi

Rebel Therapist Programs

More about Annie: 

Annie Schuessler is a business coach and the host of the podcast Rebel Therapist® Podcast. With her Rebel Therapist® Programs, she helps therapist entrepreneurs make an impact beyond the therapy room. You can find her resources at https://rebeltherapist.me/.