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In this episode, we are talking with Canadian therapist, Olethea Pimenta, who was on the show in April 2019. We’ll talk about what has transpired since then. And OH-BOY, has a lot transpired.

In 2018, when she joined Lean In. MAKE BANK., Olethea’s husband was out of work, she had just had a baby, was coming off of maternity leave, and going back into private practice. She’s going to talk about what it took to invest in herself in the midst of all those challenges.

We’ll talk about what it felt like when she bought her first home just a few months ago (which she is able to do because she is making bank), what she has learned about earning money herself, helping her clients earn money, and what it took to let go of the story that was no longer working for her.

She’s going to talk about her values to give back as a BIPOC woman of color immigrant, and how her husband is able to continue working in the nonprofit world because she’s making bank charging $330 per session.

In this episode, Olethea will share:

Her Lean In. MAKE BANK. journey as the primary breadwinner when her husband was out of work and she had a new baby and family to support;

What it’s like to make bank as a BIPOC woman of color in Canada;

How she moved from being anxious about money to seeing clients 2-5 times a week and making bank charging for it;

The one question she asks therapist clients that revolutionizes how they think about making money.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.


More about Olethea: 

Olethea Pimenta is a money coach and biz coach for entrepreneurs and therapists! She works with women to shift their self-image from struggling and almost making it to powerfully confident and making it! She is a registered psychotherapist with a completely online private practice. Connect with her at https://opimenta.ca/ or olethea@opimenta.ca