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In this episode, we’re talking with Kirstin Carl who is a Licensed Psychotherapist serving clients in Los Angeles. Kirstin is going to talk about what it took to go from charging as low as $50 per session to charging as high as $250 per session and building a full caseload at $225 per session. 

Kirstin is also going to talk about how the lessons and insights she gained in terms of taking control and becoming empowered in her private practice led to her feeling empowered to take control of her fertility and her romantic life.

In this episode, Kirstin will share:

3 signs that let her know she needed to raise her fees;

The internal shift she had to make in order to be able to charge as high as $250 per session;

How gender played into her pricing;

3 concrete pieces of advice she has for therapists in private practice whose fees are too low, but who are afraid to charge more.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.


Kirstin Carl MFT: Counseling for Women

More about Kirstin: 

Kirstin Carl is a Licensed Psychotherapist serving clients in Los Angeles, for the past 13 years; and now in virtual sessions, throughout California.

She specializes in helping women break through past traumas so they can develop & keep fulfilling relationships in the present.  

Since taking LIMB in September 2019, she almost doubled her gross annual income from $50,000 to $94,500; and this year, she is on track to gross $175,000.

You can contact Kirstin via her website at www.kcarlmft.com, by email at kcarlmft@gmail.com, or find her on Instagram at @kirstincarltherapy.