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In this episode of The Money Sessions, we are diving in deep with Olethea Pimenta. Olethea first heard me talk about therapists and money on a Simple Practice course and she raised her fees then and there, but she knew it wasn’t enough.

She realized her money mindset issues went deeper than just raising her fee, so even though she was already charging more, she signed up for my flagship course Lean In. MAKE BANK. and rocked that shit. She went from feeling resentful of therapists with premium fees to realizing not only could she raise her fees, but that, in fact, she couldn’t afford not to.

In this episode, Olethea will share:

Why she invested in a $1000 money mindset program even though she had already raised her fees

 How she had to overcome family messages in order to raise her fee and earn more in practice

 Exactly how she went from charging $130/session to offering only 80-minutes sessions for $260 and only to clients who were willing to commit to weekly sessions

 How stepping up her practice earnings has allowed her to take on the next phase of her professional life now that she has the time and resources to create bigger impact and scale beyond 1-1 only


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More about Olethea:

Olethea Pimenta is a Registered Psychotherapist with a completely online cash-pay practice. She works with other therapists to focus on identifying their income goal and then working a biz plan to make it happen.  Is it going from $2,000 a month to $5,000 or $5,000 a month to $8,000 or $10,000! Want the first step in creating a financial strategy with where you are right now?  Download the Profit First Strategy here.  https://growyouronlinepractice.com/