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Today we’re speaking with Christy Merriner, a therapist based in Los Angeles who opened her private practice in March 2020, right as COVID lockdowns began.

Christy is going to tell us her story on how she went from charging $150/session to now charging $225/session. She gives us a look at how being snapped into reality by having to undergo back surgery was the catalyst that solidified the fact that she had to raise her fees in her private practice so she could take better care of herself. 

Christy also discusses her money mindset growing up and how it has changed. She goes on to talk about her upbringing and how it has shaped her role as the primary breadwinner in her relationship.

In this episode, Christy will share:

How she was able to charge premium fees during covid even with a very specific niche of musically inclined patients;

How back surgery helped her realize she NEEDED to charge more;

How  she had to overcome feelings of guilt and martyrdom that stemmed from her Cathlolic upbringing;

How she had to step up and become the primary breadwinner, without financial support from anyone else;

Three tips that therapists can use to confidently refer out even during uncertain times.

Resources Mentioned:

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More about Christy:

Christy Merriner is an LMFT in private practice in Los Angeles, California. She is a former artist manager and record label professional who specializes in counseling creatives who make a living off their craft. You can find out more about Christy by going to her website: https://www.christymerriner.com/