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In this episode of The Money Sessions, we’re diving in deep with Sandra Seaman. Sandra is a Seattle based therapist who works with populations that many therapists say cannot afford premium fees. She defies the odds and has found a way to build a cash pay, premium fee practice while working with marginalized individuals. By getting real about the reality of her needs due to having a chronic illness, Sandra was able to step it up and challenge her Millennial clients to do the same.

She now charges $200/90-minute session with plans to raise her fees soon.

All this and she doesn’t even have a website!

In this episode, Sandra will share:

 How having MS has informed her fee-setting decisions

 How she manages the guilt and shame she experiences around having privilege when so many folks do not

 How doing her own money work allowed her to approach her Millennial clients in new and helpful ways

 How being willing to let go of sliding scale clients changed the game for her practice – both clinically and financially

 How raising her fees made her realize how she needed to narrow her already narrow niche even more

 How addressing her financial realities has allowed her to delegate out more so she can really focus in on her clinical work

 How she challenged the norm by creating a practice that fights the notion that therapists who work with traumatized or marginalized communities *must* lower their fees

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More about Sandra:

Sandra Seaman is a psychotherapist working in Seattle, WA, working with the LGBTQ, Poly, Kink, and Sex Worker communities, and has an additional clinical focus on individuals with chronic illness. She works from an Existential-Feminist perspective. She hopes one day to publish her many, many books relevant to her clinical interests, now taking up far too much space in her brain. This year she is getting a humongous dog and is extremely excited.