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In this episode of The Money Sessions, we get to hear from Dr. Jacque Straight. Jacque went from a blue collar upbringing to successful private practice owner by really challenging the limiting money stories she learned growing up. In 2018, she made the leap and went off insurance panels, moving to a premium fee, cash pay practice. This move alone put an extra $10,000 in her pocket while giving her MORE time to invest in creating a new business.

In this episode, Jacque will share:

 3 signs that told her it was time to get off insurance panels

 What scared her the most about leaving panels

 Worries she had about how her peers and colleagues would view her

 How she decided what her new fee would be

 How raising her fee helped her be a BETTER therapist

 3 actionable strategies YOU can use to raise your fee despite your fears

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More about Jacque:

Dr. Jacque Strait is a licensed psychologist and owner of Fit for a Queen Wellness Consulting, a program that helps Women of Color work through mindset barriers that keep women from optimal health and wellness.  The program is designed to help Women of Color explore, challenge, and adjust myths regarding fitness, and overall wellness. Additionally, Dr. Strait is the co-owner of Winding Way Therapy, a full-service psychology practice.  Dr. Strait provides one-on-one counseling services to professionals in the Houston area who are wanting to work through anxiety, depression, or feeling overwhelmed with life. Find out more: https://jacquestrait.com/ AND https://www.fitforaqueenwellness.com/