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Welcome back for Season 2 of The Money Sessions! 

This year we’re going to be exploring a new topic: What does it mean for those of us who come from working class backgrounds to build wealth – both financial and emotional wealth? 

How do we do it? What gets in the way? What don’t we know that holds us back and how do we get beyond these unknown barriers?

We’ll be asking therapists to go even more deeply into their money stories – from questions which ask them to reflect on the money narratives that were present in their family of origin and how these narratives have been woven into our profession as a whole. 

Where do these stories come from and how do they shape the course of our businesses, our clinical work and our lives?

On today’s episode, we’ll be hearing from Brooke Williams, a South Carolina based therapist who started her practice in 2017. Brooke will share what it was like growing up in a family that didn’t talk about money and the influence it had when first building her practice after working for an agency.

We’ll learn how the changes she’s made have impacted her clinical work and allowed her to give back in a bigger way than she was ever able to do when working too hard and earning too little. 

In this truly inspiring episode, we dive deep into Brooke’s fears, her triumphs and the steps she took to build a practice that is beyond her wildest dreams.

In this episode, Brooke will share:

The internal conflict she felt when wanting to give back and serve her community;

The guilt and anxiety she experienced around charging her fee; 

What it took for her to continue to invest in her business, despite feelings of desperation due to lack of clients; 

How she went from charging $25/session to her full fee of $150/session; 

How she had to get real with herself about the ways she wanted to build her practice; 

And her “why” that motivated her to finally take action and make changes.

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Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Abundance Party/Inner Circle

Greenlight App


More about Brooke: 

Brooke Williams is a licensed professional counselor in Charleston, South Carolina. She has a full fee private practice in Mt Pleasant, SC, that she began in 2017 after working many years in agencies throughout the community. This is her second career, after spending 10 years working in IT within the financial industry. She loves working with couples in all stages that have begun to see their marriage as a burden rather than an accent to their life, as well as with professionals dealing with burnout and anxiety.

You can find out more about Brooke here.