How can you help your clients if you can’t help yourself?!

Get the “Fun with Fees Calculator” and set your fee the RIGHT way.

  • Find out exactly how many clients you need to see and how much you need to charge to have your ideal income AND schedule.
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Because every day that passes you by is another $100 down the drain.

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“The Fun with Fees worksheet showed me that my dreams are not impossible. I went crazy on the dream section and put everything including getting out of credit card debt that I have been carrying for 15+ years. I put on there I was going to get it all done this year. And you know what – It was doable. And for less than I thought! I was so excited I called my husband at work and told him all the details!!! I only have to make a couple changes and I am going to make 2017 my bitch! 🙂 Thanks for helping keep me accountable!!”

– Tara S., PsyD

“I wanted to thank you for your resources and your authenticity. I did a massive “unsubscribe” purge last month and you’re one of two practice-building coaches whose email lists I chose to remain on. I love your style and your worksheets are actually helpful!”

– Kara A., Art Therapist

“I wanted to thank you again for the amazing resources you have offered — you have truly helped me. Your work has helped me begin to address these issues for real, and now I am so excited to explore and talk about money as a therapist!!”

– Vanessa B., Psychoanalyst

“You are helping me think about getting my money game right, but you’re also really inspiring me to think about marketing as my authentic self rather than squeezing myself into a mold that doesn’t fit.”

– Lauren J., Therapist


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