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Does This Sound Familiar?

You agonize if your clients are a few minutes late, wondering to yourself, “Are they going to show up this time?”

You totally panic whenever a client cancels.

When your client decides it’s time to end, you hate that you find yourself desperately trying to convince them to stay because YOU need the money.

Over and over your insecurities keep you from charging the fee you know you need in order to pay all your bills.

You run around all day like the proverbial chicken sans head, but you never actually get anything done.

Hold on. Calm down. Take a deeeEEEeep breath.

Let’s imagine a different kind of life:

  • You set your own schedule – spending your morning to slowly sipping coffee, writing in your journal, going for a jog – without worrying about losing clients.
  • You don’t have to choose between paying off your student debt and taking a weekend away – because you can totally afford both.
  • You feel confident in your work with clients and they are eager to invest – financially and emotionally.
  • There is no more spreading yourself thin to meet a patchwork of random obligations.
  • You don’t constantly feel that you’re choosing between your clients and your kids because you have time for both.
  • You have a sense of security at the end of the day because you know there is more than enough money in the bank.

In 2014, mental health counselors in the U.S. made a median salary of $41,000.

After 2-7 years of school, plus thousands of hours of unpaid work, the average therapist comes away from it all making $13,000 less per year than the average plumber

(Plumbers are cool, don’t get me wrong, but REALLY?!)

Yes – that is what most therapists have settled for.

You, however, defied the odds.

Though they encouraged you to play it safe – “stay at your agency for  job for security, reliable healthcare, a stable income” –  You said, ‘fuck that.”

And decided to buck the trend, start your own practice, be your own boss.

Only it isn’t quite as great as you imagined…

Sure, you get to set your own hours….

…but now you’re working all hours of the day, all days of the week, with way too much time between clients, twiddling your thumbs at 3 o’clock, waiting for your 6 p.m. client to show up

– far from the dream schedule you fantasized about when envisioning your practice.

Yes, you get to charge whatever you want…

… but fear kept your fees low, so now your hours are filled, but with beloved low-fee clients that you would never kick out

– which leaves you so very far away from your dream of paying off your student loans and saving for that down payment on your own home.

Yeah, you get the freedom to pursue your own interests, tap into your own creativity…

… but you can’t quite follow through with any of your ideas, because you’re constantly wondering, “Will this actually pay off?”

– Which leaves you in a frenzy of unfinished projects, far from the calm, meditative creative life you that you’d planned for yourself.

Check it out. There are specific behaviors the thriving therapist does that other therapists don’t. In fact, I’ve created all kinds of free worksheets and tutorials that therapists have implemented right away.

Shoot! They’ve even had success, saying things like:



But, after interviewing, emailing and surveying over three hundred therapists, I started to notice a pattern: There is one specific thing that separates the successful therapist from the struggling therapist.

Don’t get me wrong, the average therapist is okay. They kind of do this and that and keep their practices puttering along. In truth, many have regular referrals coming in and see lots of clients… but the mediocre therapist tends to have a mediocre quality of life.

This is a fine choice for some… but You. want. more.

If you are ambitious but can’t quite seem to get your shit together, charge the fees, make time for yourself… then you’re in the right place.

Sign up to get the 3-Part course where I share with you the one* thing that I’ve seen over and over again that separates the wheat from the chaff, if you know what I mean.

(If you don’t, just go.)

As for the rest of you, welcome to the tribe.

* I can hear you right now. “But, Tiffany! There is no one magic bullet. That’s some bullshit.”

To that I say, “….oh, really?”