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I am new to podcasting. I don’t know what in the name of all that is holy took me so long. For those of us who grew up outside the loop of financial success, it’s hard to get plugged in to those things that can help us grow.

Well, let me tell you, listening to podcasts has revolutionized the way I work and live.

Through podcasts, we have access to virtual mentors who can teach us everything we need to know about how to succeed. [Tweet It]
Podcasts can take us a tiny step closer to knowing what it’s like to have rich CEO Uncle Herman Blasfield III sit us down on his knee and give us all the insider secrets to wealth.

So, without further ado, I invite you to sit on the knee of the following podcast hosts and be ready to get ROCKED.

…uh, but like, without all the complications of Uncle Herman’s knee rocks…

1. Open Account

For any therapist – or person, for that matter – who is working her way up the income ladder, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. No, really. You do.

Hosted by SuChin Pak and sponsored by Upmqua Bank, this podcast explores our conflicted relationship with money by asking super inspiring people incredibly intimate questions about their money experiences.

The interviews unfold in honest, poignant and often surprising ways, as the guests and the host reveal their own vulnerabilities about how they manage their finances (or don’t) and the consequences that befall us when we avoid developing a wholesome relationship with the Benjamin.

I suggest you start with the Episode 2 with Baratunde Thurston. I’m in love.

2. Selling the Couch

In this podcast, host Melvin Varghese offers a comprehensive set of trainings about how to build a successful psychotherapy practice. His approach is kind, warm, humble and deceptively informative.

Melvin invites a wide range of guests to cover topics on everything from successful networking, to master mind groups, to successfully ditching the insurance panel . No matter where you are in developing your practice, Selling the Couch has something valuable to offer.

And when I say valuable, I don’t mean in the amorphous, woo-woo way that we therapists love to get sucked into. I’m talking actual, concrete monetary gain.

Each and every training will give you actionable steps that you can use to increase your income. So, why are you still reading this blog? You could be battling the forces of personal poverty right now.

(I’m glad you’re still here.)

3. Sleep with Me

Yes, this name sounds a bit suspect, but trust me. Sleep with Me, hosted by Drew Ackerman (AkA. Scooter), promises you a peaceful journey down roads of which you could only dream.

I heard about this podcast from one of my favorite people who recommend it for the insomniacs among us.

No, wait! Don’t go!

The overwhelm of running a business can definitely lead to sleepless nights for a lot of us and my professional buddies swore by this guy. But even if you don’t struggle with nighttime anxiety, this podcast is for you.

I sleep like a baby but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I downloaded an episode as I hopped on the 38 bus.


This guy had me rolling. In public. On a stinky, crowded, claustrophobic bus.

Scooter does this sort of mumbling, rambling story telling that kind of… just, put me in a trance, broken only by occasional snorts of hilarity and respectful nods. I was totally intrigued as I followed his meanderings from curiosity about the potential romance between Myers and Briggs (of the MMPI) to an NPR-Host Sandwich.

It was more restful than an hour-long Bikram class. Inexplicably brilliant, this show is a necessity for anyone who spends long hours balancing personal life with a professional passion.

4. Online Marketing Made Easy

We therapists often get hung up on struggles around finances because we are caught between doing good OR making money.

“If I charge higher fees, what happens to my desire to help people who can’t afford it?”

“If I keep sliding, I won’t be able to pay back student loans (or, let’s be real, enjoy a delicious sushi dinner here and there).”

“Do I have to choose between my client’s needs and my own paycheck?!”

These questions can create a lot of friction in our work and make us less able to be present and available to our clients’ internal worlds.

One way to reconcile this seemingly impossible impasse, is to think about income streams that go BEYOND fee-for-service models. There is an entire world of possibility out there that can change the way you think about your business.

Amy Porterfield hosts an awesome podcast that will help you start thinking beyond your consulting room. She is down-to-earth, friendly and provides TONS of value in a straightforward way.

Don’t have any idea what I’m talking about? I recommend you start Here.

5. To The Best of Our Knowledge

This podcast is all-around amazing. We therapists can often feel pulled between doing this work that we love so much and running our business.

To the best of our knowledge, hosted by Anne Strainchamps, is a thought-provoking, creative and always touching exploration of our world. TTBook tackle topics that run the gamut, with guests from every field you can imagine (and some that you can’t!). From love to death, bodies to catsrace to time travel – every episode is sure to move you.

If you struggle to reconcile all of your parts, TTBook will show you the way.


If you want to join the ranks of the upwardly mobile, as you build your professional career and elevate your day-to-day lifestyle, these podcasts are a must.

If there is a podcast that has changed the way you run your business and life, share it with us in the comments. I would love to compile a Top 5: Part II for you all!

And, if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for the newsletter. You’ll get insider access to the trials and tribulations of building a private practice (+ how to prevail with a 6-figure income) that I only offer to my subscribers.

See you there!

photo credit: Matthias Stelzl