3 Quick, Easy & Healthy Batch Meals for Therapists

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It is 8:51 a.m. You have T-minus 9 minutes before you will open the door - refreshed, alert, prepared - for you next client.  T-minus 7 minutes: Oh shit! You just spent two minutes just staring off into space, decompressing from your last session, without even realizing it. T-minus 6 minutes: Quick to the bathroom! You [...]

Ready for Another Client? Here’s How To Find Them

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How do you get your next client? According to the ole statistics, 1-2% of the people who hear your message will be eager to connect with you. What does that mean for you? It means that if you want one solid client who is the perfect fit for you, then you need to get yourself in [...]

Success is not Random: How to Create Confidence

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Need more confidence so you can do things like: Talk to professional strangers so they can instantly recognize your brilliance? Raise your fees knowing that your clients will stay? Ask your respected mentor on a coffee date? Write, speak and create in ways that lead to awesome opportunities? Click Here to Join our "Blab" Conversation LIVE! [...]

The Truth About Being “SO Busy”

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Ask a therapist (or really anyone these days) how they’re doing and you’re sure to get a litany of sighs and shudders, exclamations about how busy they are – overwhelmed and stressed out by the immense amount of work they have to do. That used to be me, too. I’d stand there nodding my head all, [...]

How Much Should Therapy Cost? A Q For Clients AND Therapists

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Let’s be real. Money is, well… complicated. Dread. Shame. Desperation. Terror. Guilt. Frustration. Desire. Envy. These are just a few of the feelings that overtake us when considering our financial situation. None of us are immune to the emotional complexities that money stirs up. If you are in a relationship with another human being, money anxiety [...]

5 Podcasts Every Therapist in Private Practice MUST Listen To

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I am new to podcasting. I don’t know what in the name of all that is holy took me so long. For those of us who grew up outside the loop of financial success, it’s hard to get plugged in to those things that can help us grow. Well, let me tell you, listening to [...]

Do Good or Make Money: The Therapist’s Dilemma

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For those of us in the helping professions – therapists, social workers, psychologists – there is a split that divides us. It goes something like this: There are those of us who are in the field to “help people” and those of us who are just here to “make money.” Or at least that’s the attitude [...]

Am I a Professional Fraud? Three Questions to Ask Yourself

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I’ve talked to So. Many. People. who have years of formal education, spend hours reading books to up their skillset, invest tons of money into continuing education, and then, when it comes down to the moment of action – be that setting up a coffee date, creating a presentation, writing a blog – they get a li’l [...]

When You’re At a Party Filled with Cool People and You Just Want to Climb into a Hole filled with Marshmallows

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I’m at a writing event, surrounded by hip, accomplished movers and shakers. Somehow I am here, amongst all these stylish, well-bred folk – collaborating, joking, secretly rubbing my elbows against their’s - because, well, success. So, here I am, feeling relaxed, talking to the tough-yet-kind, edgy-yet-casual founder. I was just like, “Yeah, that’s right, you know [...]

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