Ask Tiffany: How to Survive the Holiday Slump with Linzy Bonham

I know, I know! Getting cozy with finances, falling in love with them damn numbers, feeling confident when looking at the numbers – it may seem so far away, it might as well be Pluto.

But don’t let that stop you because getting sexy with your finances is THE KEY to having a consistent and profitable business, even during the Holiday Slump and the Summer Snooze.

Let me ask you a question: What would it mean to you, if the last two weeks of December rolled around and you had ZERO stress about you financial situation?

  • Your paycheck still rolled right on into your checking account;
  • Your credit card was still paid off with ease;
  • You took a week, or even two, off with not the slightest bit of angst.

Look – this is what it means to get under the mistletoe with your numbers. It means the you can look forward to the holidays, the time off, paying for flights, because you KNOW your finances are solid.

Sounds even better than an ounce of eggnog topped off with three ounces of that sweet, sweet, Asbach Uralt, no?

You’re likely saying, “Sure, sure, Tiffany. That sounds nice, but how?!”

Never you mind yer pretty little head about that! I’ve got someone here who is going to school us on how to thrive during the holiday slump.

Sit right back. Click below and enjoy the ride.*

Want more? Check out the last episode where we talk about how to be a good boss to yourself.

What is one action you can take right now to ensure that you survive holidays with ease?! Share with us in the comment section below. I read and respond to every one!

Linzy Bonham helps therapists feel calm and confident about money so they can focus instead on the work they love to do. She runs Nuts & Bolts: Money Know-How for Therapists, using her own private practice experiences and knack for finances to teach therapists how to understand and manage their business finances.

You can find her here


  1. Natalia

    I couldn’t get the link to work at the end of the article. Is it just me? Thanks!

    • Tiffany

      It’s not just you. ACK! We’ll get that fixed asap.

  2. Supria Karmakar

    Loved this episode….I personally know and work with Linzy Bonham here in Canada and she is awesome, really motivational and non-judgmental authentic person…..highly recommend her services.
    One thing I can do right now re: Christmas Slump is use positive affirmations….Money is an energy factor, a psychology. Therefore affirmations is a mindset solution. Therefore, I tell myself that this is just part of the course and there is abundance and a need for my unique therapeutic services. Such as: There are always new clients that will find me and I will be the perfect match for them and all clients are finding me easily and regularly. And I am a thriving practice. Secondly setting boundaries regarding money, separating personal finances from business ones, making a concentrated effort to only use one bank /credit account for business expenses and the other for personal. Linzy has helped me with that. Also, knowing my budget and how much to pay myself out of the business earnings. I loved what Linzy said about being clear about that and not using $ for $ for personal expenses. Having a buffer for these slower times is key for me…I put aside $ for that. I use a virtual jar system too for saving money into accounts (jars) for things I need or want.

    • Tiffany

      I’m SO glad to hear this, Supria!


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