Ask Tiffany: Can I Charge Full Fee and *still* do Long Term Work?

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As part of our ongoing money series, I am answering YOUR questions about money and private practice. This week I’m diving into a question from Therapist Heather who wrote in and said: “How long to full fee clients tend to stay in treatment? Have there been any studies on that? I am able to get [...]

Join me for some vegan NOG (Oh + 30 free workshops to up your private practice game)!

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I remember the first time I went to a schmancy holiday happy hour. It was for the psychoanalytic organization that I was a member of and, boy oh boy, I had never seen anything like it! The party was in an expensive part of town and San Francisco prices are already through the roof, so [...]

Ask Tiffany: How Sex Therapist Emma Schmidt Raised her Fees

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Deeeyamn! Prepared to have your socks rocked. A few months ago, I had the good fortune to see Emma Schmidt’s post about raising her fees to $250/session in the Abundance Practice Builders FB group. I know that this is a struggle for so many therapists, so I asked Emma if she would be willing to [...]

Ask Tiffany: How to deal with Colleague Shade for Sliding my Scale?

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This week's episode comes from therapist Rachael. She wrote in and asked: How do we balance serving community and meeting social expectations around making beau-coup dollars when we actually are meeting our goals? ​I make enough money for me. I can afford my needs, and fun stuff too. But my scale slides real low, especially in my [...]

Do you know Tad Hargrave?

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Earlier this year, I stumbled on this mind-blowing analysis Post Mortem: A Conversation Gone Wrong by writer and hippie, Tad Hargrave. ​In this article, Tad goes through, line by line, and breaks down how a Facebook conversation about race goes terribly, terribly wrong.  I was on a road trip with my parents at the time and as they were pointing out the quaint houses [...]

Ask Tiffany: I’m all depressed and shit when I don’t have enough $. HELP!

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In this week's episode of Ask Tiffany: The Money Series for Therapreneurs - one of my long time subscribers asked a question that is SO near and dear to my heart and likely something YOU deal with, too. She says: "I continue to love your stuff about money. I actually realized recently that my whole identity is [...]

Ask Tiffany: How Do I Set Fees for Groups

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This week, you are STOKED to know that we have a special guest - Katie K. May from Katie was all like, "WHAT?!" and hijacked this weeks episode of Ask Tiffany to answer Therapist Ellen's question.  Therapist Ellen wrote in and asked:  "How do I set fees for groups?!" Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course [...]

Ask Tiffany: How do I raise my fees without feeling guilty?!

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This week, we have a very special edition of Ask Tiffany: The Money Series. [Insert 80's sitcom music for the dramatic two-part series premiere] Therapist Wesley (not the one from Star Trek) wrote in with this question: "I loved what you said about therapists not having to give back through their business. However, I really [...]

Ask Tiffany: If I raise my fees, am I abandoning my clients?!

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Today's question comes from Therapist Annie!  She asks, "In what circumstances would it be considered unethical or abandoning to raise rates on clients? Particularly if it's a large jump in the fee increase (say from 140 to 200?)" Wha WHA?! In this episode of Ask Tiffany, we tackle this from a variety of angles, including: [...]

Ask Tiffany: Can I Charge $250/Session?!

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As part of our ongoing money series, I am answering YOUR questions about money and private practice. This week I'm diving into a question from Therapist Hannah who wrote in and said,  "Someday I want to charge 250 an hour….the fear part of me says “that’s too much” and “you’d better prove you’re the BEST THERAPIST EVER [...]

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