Ask Tiffany: Do you struggle to raise your fees? It’s not your fault!

Low Fees Are Not Your Fault.

Didn’t think you’d ever hear me say that, did you?

But, it’s true! For so many of us who grew up working class, we internalized all kinds of beliefs about what it means to earn a great living, to feel secure, to get ahead –

Unfortunately, mostly we learned that these things were damn near impossible without some kind of miracle like winning the lottery or stumbling into a Bitcoin bubble. In all kinds of ways, we were taught that you bust your ass, day in and day out, forego weekends away, skip the lattes, shop at Goodwill and clip the hell out of some coupons and maybe, just maybe, at the end of it all, you’ll be able to retire at 65 with a couple thousand dollars to live out your days.

Fuck THAT!

But – what other way was there?! Looking around you, you had no other option. So, of course you have no idea how to earn more in your practice, of course you’re paralyzed with all kinds of fears, guilts, anxieties, doubts when you imagine raising your fee and actually going after a calm, consistent, secure lifestyle that will never be taking away from you.

Having low fees, struggling in private practice, it isn’t your fault.

…Unless you watch this video in its entirety.

Then, you’re in a new paradigm. All bets are off. You can never go back.

You gonna take the red pill?

What is one action you will take THIS WEEK to shift out of private practice poverty and into private practice success?! Share with us in the comment section below.


  1. Karissa

    Hookay – I stumbled upon your site after randomly stumbling on the Abundance Party and HOLY COW. I’m so glad I found both of you because I’m so so fresh to Private Practice…like…three-months-out-of-grad-school fresh. I’m learning so much from Allison’s blogs and the Abundace Party trainings – and then I started listening to stuff you guys did together and WOW. I had never thought about how my family history with money and being upwardly mobile was unconsciously impacting me as I started out. In the last three days, I’ve uncovered SO much to work through – and it feels surprisingly empowering. I’m going through your Fun With Fees worksheet currently and just emailed a mentor of mine to set up a time to talk through it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing so much of yourself, bringing awareness to all of the beneath-the-surface stuff about PP and money, and helping so many. <3

    • Tiffany

      Karissa! I’m so glad you found us, too – and right at the beginning of your private practice journey. What a delight! I’m so glad the resources are helpful and even MORE glad that you’re taking action. High Five, K! Welcome to an amazing journey. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    I am going to finally listen to the tug to raise my fee for all new clients. I am still undecided on current clients… Thanks to Tiffany I reached my 2017 goal of having all my clients at full fee and part time pratcice is almost full and …almost where I want it.

    • Tiffany

      WHAAAAT?! Go YOU! While I am stoked to assist you in the process, this is thanks to YOU, laday! You heard the message, thought about how it could be applied to your practice and then TOOK ACTION. #impressive

  3. Tara Sanderson

    Great video! I think about you a lot as I contemplate my practice! My fees are right where I want them, I am taking off half the day today to do what I want with no guilt and have 2- count them 2- vacations planned!!! I am putting together a seminar that I can run off my website that will generate some passive income and getting ready to take the plunge for that coach you hooked me up with. Love it! Love you! Thanks a million!

    • Tiffany

      Well first, the fact that you think about me a lot is thrilling enough. I’m imagining your fantasies of long walks on the beach, horse-rides across open fields, braiding one another’s hair as we talk strategy… wait – huh?! Oh yeah – your business!

      YES! You’re doing it. I’m SOOOOO proud of you and inspired BY you! You + the coach: DAMN! You’re about to uplevel BIG TIME! #soexciting


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