you ever had a client call who could use their out of network insurance to pay you, but choose to just… well, not. And they go find another therapist?

Or, have you ever had a client who clearly had the resources to pay you an extra $10 a week, buuuUUUUuuuut, when you mentioned a potential fee raise he balked?

Or, that client who comes in with a bomb-ass handbag that you KNOW cost a pretty penny, but when you even imagined raising your rates, you were filled with dread because you knew she would quit?

This week’s episode of Ask Tiffany is right up your frickin’ alley! I’m going to give you three concrete things you can do to make your clients EAGER to pay your full fee.

Check it.

What is one thing YOU can do to go first and invest in your future client before they invest in you?

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