Cheese-Filled Hot Dogs and Other Signs of Wealth

You remember when those hot dogs came out that were already filled with cheese?!

I remember the first time I heard about this amazing phenomenon. I was five-ish and I was visiting my “rich” friend Kevin’s house. Kevin had all the brilliant treats – Otter Pops, a Hot Wheel’s Track and CHEESE FILLED HOT DOGS. To me, his family was rollin’ in wealth!

Now, when I look back on it and think about certain realities, like the fact that Kevin’s family raised pigs in their backyard and, while it was certainly fun to dare ourselves to touch grass to the electric fence (true story), I realize now that his family certainly wasn’t wealthy, and likely barely middle class.

But to me, those damn cheese-filled hot dogs were the epitome of affluence.

Fortunately, I’ve come a long way since then.

Or so I like to think!

As I’ve continued to create streams of income via establishing my own private practice and building with HeyTiffany – I am continually struck by the ways my younger self continues to pipe up with super limiting beliefs about what’s possible for me and my life.

And I keep hearing stories from ya’ll that tell me that you, too, continue to create ceilings for your earning potential – without even realizing it.

If this sounds familiar then this episode of “Let’s Talk” by host Kat Love is for you.

During this interview, I get super honest about my own journey and offer actionable tips to help you break out of the poverty mindset and start making BANK.

Kat and I delve into ideas like:

  • What are some of the money shames and fears that come up for therapists in private practice?
  • And more specifically the money fears that come up when it comes to investing into marketing services and assets.
  • The shifts that need to happen for therapists to be able to invest in marketing comfortably
  • Some cool success stories of therapists that have made the leap into investing in their marketing.
  • And one thing that you can do right now to take a step towards overcoming your fear in investing in your marketing and yourself?

Now what about you?!

What were the markers of wealth for you as a kiddo?! HA! Share your childhood fantasies about how the ‘Other Half’ lived in the comments below.


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