Do you know Tad Hargrave?

Earlier this year, I stumbled on this mind-blowing analysis Post Mortem: A Conversation Gone Wrong by writer and hippie, Tad Hargrave. ​In this article, Tad goes through, line by line, and breaks down how a Facebook conversation about race goes terribly, terribly wrong.

I was on a road trip with my parents at the time and as they were pointing out the quaint houses by the seashore, I was vag deep in my phone, internally shouting “yes YES!” as I read through the article.

Okay, while you didn’t need to know about me being vag deep in anything, especially when written in the same sentence as a line about “my parents,” you do need to know about subsequent mini-love affair between me and Tad.*

*And by “love affair between me and Tad,” I mean “quietly stalking Tad as he makes his way from his vegetable-oil fueled Volkswagon to his favorite spot, the Noorish Cafe.

After I reached out to Tad to tell him how much I loved his article, he wrote back to ME with a list of questions about money mindset and the struggles we helpers have resolving the conflict between making bank and helping people.

Of course, I couldn’t just write back, so… I responded with a video. A 26.54 minute video to be exact.

In it, I answer questions like:

  • How do you define under-charging and over-charging?
  • Why do so many therapist under charge?
  • Why do so many people feel guilty about charging anything at all?

​If you are working through money shit as you’re ALSO working toward building a sustainable private practice, working with the people you are passionate about serving, while still being able to afford that iPhone 7 – you definitely want to check out this video.

Click here to watch it in its entirety: The Art of Raising Your Fees

And a huge thank you to Tad – wherever you ARE #8563McLary Blvd, Edmonton Alberta, 87946

And now it’s your turn!
How would YOU answer Tad’s question,
“Why do so many therapists undercharge?”

Share your response with us in the comment section below!



  1. Jennie

    wow. wow wow wow. amazing article. thanks for posting! I just shared it with my peeps.

    • Tiffany

      Awesome Jennie!^3 Thanks for sharing. 😀


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