Earlier this year, I stumbled on this mind-blowing analysis Post Mortem: A Conversation Gone Wrong by writer and hippie, Tad Hargrave. ​In this article, Tad goes through, line by line, and breaks down how a Facebook conversation about race goes terribly, terribly wrong. 

I was on a road trip with my parents at the time and as they were pointing out the quaint houses by the seashore, I was vag deep in my phone, internally shouting “yes YES!” as I read through the article.

Okay, while you didn’t need to know about me being vag deep in anything, especially when written in the same sentence as a line about “my parents,” you do need to know about subsequent mini-love affair between me and Tad.*

*And by “love affair between me and Tad,” I mean “quietly stalking Tad as he makes his way from his vegetable-oil fueled Volkswagon to his favorite spot, the Noorish Cafe.

After I reached out to Tad to tell him how much I loved his article, he wrote back to ME with a list of questions about money mindset and the struggles we helpers have resolving the conflict between making bank and helping people.

Of course, I couldn’t just write back, so… I responded with a video. A 26.54 minute video to be exact. In it, I answer questions like: 

  • How do you define under-charging and over-charging?
  • Why do so many therapist under charge?
  • Why do so many people feel guilty about charging anything at all?

​If you are working through money shit as you’re ALSO working toward building a sustainable private practice, working with the people you are passionate about serving, while still being able to afford that iPhone 7 – you definitely want to check out this video.

Click here to watch it in its entirety: The Art of Raising Your Fees

And a huge thank you to Tad – wherever you ARE #8563McLary Blvd,Edmonton Alberta,87946

And now it’s your turn!

How would YOU answer Tad’s question,

“Why do so many therapists undercharge?”

Share your response with us in the comment section below!