Let’s be real. Money is, well… complicated.

Dread. Shame. Desperation. Terror. Guilt. Frustration. Desire. Envy. These are just a few of the feelings that overtake us when considering our financial situation. None of us are immune to the emotional complexities that money stirs up.

If you are in a relationship with another human being, money anxiety is sure to follow. Conflicts inevitably arise when need and money intersect.

This is true for both people seeking therapy and the therapists who provide that treatment.

For clients, all kinds of questions get stirred up when it comes to paying for therapy.

“How much is too much?”

“Is my therapist taking advantage of me?”

“Am I paying for love?”

In the beginning stages of therapy, it is often confusing to know what, exactly, we are paying for. The therapeutic process feels mysterious. You know something isn’t working in your life, but it’s incredibly hard to trust that the stranger sitting across from you can help… KEEP READING.