The Top 3 Feelings that Keep You BROKE

For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about all the reasons you’re struggling in private practice that DON’T have to do with just needing more clients.

I’m sure you have all kinds of reasons you’re struggling:

  • Inconsistent marketing
  • Regrettable time management habits
  • A screaming toddler at home
  • An irritating partner who won’t doesn’t have time to do the friggin’ dishes, even though he can find plenty of time to watch Netflix’s Punisher Season ONE – GODDAMNIT!


Oh – yes, maybe all of these things are acting on you to keep you from really getting ahead in private practice. I mean, in all seriousness, you entered this field so you could get your hands all deep into the muddle of intra-psychic processes, so you could actually help people make deep and lasting change, so you could do all of this while writing and going to amaaaazing workshops, while still having time to travel to Thailand while also paying off retirement and saving to buy your own home –

And yet, you can’t even bring yourself to sit across from your client and tell her the fee is going up by $10 bucks.

You know and I know that when the reality of your actions isn’t lining up with the reality of your needs and wants, something deeper is going on. In this episode of Ask Tiffany, we’re going to take a jaunt into the three feelings that are REALLY keeping you broke in private practice.You’re going to walk away with some mindset shifts that will help you take the actions you must if you want to run your business like the badass, fucking, therapist baller that you ARE.


So what about YOU?! Which of these feelings trips you up the most and what is one re-frame you can make this week to shift that shit?!

Share with us in the comment section below.


  1. Tressa Porter

    Fucking brilliant as usual! Thank you. Appreciate your clarity.

  2. Dimitra

    Dude, you’ve been changing my life through another continent. Bless you, really.

    Shame and fear keep me back, but I managed to raise my fees on my website three weeks ago. No one has called though and I live with the fear that no one ever will! Trying to do some workshops, to attract more ideal clients and use my time accordingly, but the fear of “how are you gonna pay rent tho” is too strong! Watching you gives me immense hope.

    • Tiffany

      Dimitraaaa! You’ve got this. Lean In. MAKE BANK. opens next week. We’d LOVE to have you in the program. I *know* you’d rock it!! In the meantime, you’re making great use of the stuff I offer on heytiffany even without enrolling in the course. High Five from my continent to yours. <3

  3. Cassie Slisher

    I just want to say thanks to you, Tiffany. You are super awesome and these messages are truly empowering. I think the biggest feeling that’s been holding me back is fear, as in “I won’t be able to find clients who will pay my full fee–they’ll leave!”, but I’ve been really getting over this in a big way since getting your emails and watching your videos. I’m also being smarter and less resistant to marketing myself, networking, and saying no to general clients so that I can continue to see more of my “ideal clients”. Which, of course, lets me focus my research/reading/conference time to developing real expertise in that area. Which is good for my confidence, which helps me stick to raising my fees, which is good role modeling for my clients, which gives them better care/services (the whole point) which in turn is good for my confidence. Etc. etc. etc!
    And, might I add, you have fabulous hair. 🙂 Cassie

    • Tiffany

      Cassie – yes, Yes, YES to ALL of this! I love the flow of events you are laying out here. More confidence to market ==> counteracts fear ==> allows you to say YES to your ideal client ==> helps you work with the clients who are a great fit ==> more time to do the work you love and increase your expertise ==> Increased ability to really help your clients in a specific way ==> More of those clients finding you and wanting to work with you.

      You’ve GOT this!

      …and, thank you for the hair compliment. My 9-year old self would’ve given ANYTHING to hear you say that <3 🙂

  4. Jelisha

    WOW! I have recently become aware of my feelings of envy towards certain clients! After watching this video, I realized the ones that complained the most about a recent fee increase (which I ended up lowering for them because they said they couldn’t afford it) are the clients that are traveling like crazy! I have been so ashamed of my envy of their trips as I barely make ends meet and DREAM of going on vacation. I hate feeling jealous and admitting it fills me with shame. I also am struggling with resentment that I did not stick to my fee increase with these particular clients. Thank you for bringing up envy. It is interesting to be able to tie it to my own mindset issues and to think about it clinically. I NEED your “Lean in and make Bank” bootcamp. I look forward to your videos soooo much!!!

    • Tiffany

      Jelisha! The course will be open soon and you are DEFINITELY a great fit!

      And, I’m so glad you can openly acknowledge your feelings of envy. You are *certainly* not alone and the fact that you can notice it, think about it and be curious about it means you can 100% move beyond it. You are WELL on your way!

    • Tiffany

      Thanks, Michael!!!


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